July 2004

This July we had Tim and Harry to stay for a week. It started with a family outing back to Brockhurst School for the Drag Hounds Picnic Ball. Mike turned up with a large basket of giant crayfish, which went down very well. Don, Linda and Frances joined us for a very pleasant evening.



Here is the lineup just before departure

Terrace at Brockhurst

The terrace at the boy's old school

Basket of crayfish

Mike's basket of crayfish were hoovered up!

Women drivers!

Don and Linda

Don is obviously enjoying his drive. He was working the pedal and Linda was steering!

Once the family had all gone home, we were faced with a week of entertaining Tim and Harry.
We started with a return visit to Legoland and fast became addicted to the Jungle Coaster which we went on three times


They capture everyone on film at the big drop!

Harry on the climbing wall

Harry only just met the requirements to attempt the big wall. 3 stone and 1.1m tall!
He did very well!

Tim rang the bell at the top twice

Tim stormed up the wall and rang the bell at the top twice. He only just missed it a third time because the time ran out!

Harry and "what the butler saw"

Harry, however, is a born climber!