Mike and Katie have set up a new business, trapping crayfish!
Rather like the grey squirrel, American Signal Crayfish have invaded the UK. Over the last decade or so a few crayfish that escaped from commercial fisheries have multiplied into many thousands and have wiped out the native British crayfish in the South of England. The Environment Agency consider them a major ecological pest and it is illegal to spread them - so if you catch one, you can't throw it back in the river!  Needless to say they are much larger than their British cousins and are really good to eat.  Mike has a licence from the Environment Agency to trap them in all the local rivers and has imported a load of fish traps from Sweden.

As the water is getting warmer so the catch is increasing. At times he is catching up to 50kgs a week. His market is slowly expanding with such prestigious places as The Ritz, Le Manoir au'quatre saisons etc all showing an interest. Needless to say we hope they'll make a fortune!

They are really delicious and amazingly little known!  Just click on the thumbnails to get a full size blow up.


The River Kennet